Mae – Slip Cover Lampshade



The shape is one of our classics and the ‘roses’ and ‘leaves’ are perfect vehicles for even the smallest of offcuts. It is designed to slip over a bought or existing shade or frame, but it can also be fixed to the top of any shane beneath.






Slip cover Lamsphade

A classic, core technique of a lampshade that we often make up in spot muslin or organdie for a pretty touch to dressing tables.

It’s easy make  if you’ve made a thing or two  before; there’s nothing complicated about it, but it will help if you know how to sew, how to handle layers of materials and to  stitch neatly. However, it’s small enough to make on the kitchen table, none of the processes is in itself complicated, the instructions are simple – so you can pick it up and put it down, take your time over it, and enjoy the process…..


The pdf includes: fabric suggestions; cutting dimensions; simple and precise instructions; our tips, guides and watchpoints.


Fabric: any crisp and finely woven material – spot muslin, fine linen, fine wool, cotton or silk organdie and organza, most silks; the crisper silks hold a balloon shape, the finer silks will show less volume.


Level: amateur plus


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