Twist frill Cushion




An elegant, feminine, party-dress of a cushion for a touch of nonchalant glamour. The scrunch and the sheen of silk taffeta make it a unique fabric which is always exciting to work with, and when the selvedges are left raw as they are here, then the colours of the fibres of construction are revealed. The colours of these fibres which together create the finished colour of shot silks are always a surprise.




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Twist frill cushion

This is a great cushion  for a dressing room, boudoir, or feminine bedroom. It’s made from the left-over pieces of fabric and the pattern can be adapted for lengths and remnants of any size.


The pdf includes: fabric suggestions; cutting dimensions; simple and precise instructions along with our tips, guides and watchpoints.


Fabrics: we used silk taffeta for this one although any silks will work as well, as  the scrunched edges will either stay in place or flop slightly, depending on the hand of the fabric. Woollens can be used with equal panache for a less feminine cushion, or the materials can be mixed. The first idea for this design was to use up the odd strips from curtain lengths, but we have since used many other offcuts.


Level: a keen beginner can make this one for  their own use, but it needs an experienced hand if it’s for a client.

Holding the fabrics in position needs some experience, but the design is random, so it could be  partially sewn by hand.



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