Thank you for buying from us. We hope your product has brought you pleasure and enjoyment.

We have designed and made all projects at least eight times – in our own workrooms and outside by those with less experience and skill. We are confident that the instructions and technical information are described in good detail, with enough help for you to successfully make the item of furnishings that you have set your heart on.

We are confident that by following the instructions and artworks implicitly and noting the watchpoints, those with the will to do so can make their chosen project to a high standard – somewhere between very good and perfect.

If you do have problems then please email us a photograph of the stage you’re at and try to describe what is unclear and we’ll happily advise you and help you through the sticky bit.

We are always open to suggestions for improvement, for a heads up if something isn’t as clear as we would like it ( and think it ) to be.

The cutting room floors and short projects are intended to be quick and easy but we do assume some knowledge. They are always designed and made in our workrooms by the same experienced makers. Time constraints and the very nature of them means that they are less thoroughly tried and tested and we welcome any feedback that can lead to improvement or ease of understanding.

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