Window Seat Cushion Pad



This window seat cushion cover is a core  technique which is  adaptable for all seat cushion sizes and shapes, including splayed windows. The rounded front looks smart yet informal, which makes it  more friendly in a relaxed space than the traditional piped and boxed cushion.





Window seat cushion pad

Window seat cushions are inviting, comfortable places to sit, to read or just to watch the world go by. I really like the informality of this design. It’s one that we use for our own clients over and over again, and it’s easier to make than the traditional boxed, often piped, cover. It’s  also easier to adapt to different shapes. The one shown here on the project cover has a traditional fibre pad which suits the particular space. We also fill the covers with big fat squishy feather and down, or with organic woollen ball inners, both of which are deep and luxurious to sink into.


Making It

The instructions are clear to follow, but it always helps to know how to sew, how to handle layers of materials and to make neat seams. It’s small enough to make on the kitchen table. The instructions allow you to pick it up and put it down, to  take your time over it and enjoy the process…..


The pdf includes: fabric suggestions; cutting dimensions; simple and precise instructions; tips, guides and watchpoints.


Fabric: any, depending on the situation, and generally it will need to be suitable for use, for a hard-wearing environment. In a little used room it could be made from something more delicate, such as lace or satin.


Level: confident  beginner plus.



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