Chair Seat Covers



One of our most successful  ideas – effectively ‘bibs’ for chair seats.


Intended for family use – to be easily washable.  These are so good – looking they can  remain in place.


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Chair Seat Covers

These covers are made to be easily washable, simple to protect the upholstery beneath, they can equally be made to cover an upholstered seat which is too good to re-do but which no longer suits. change.

The pdf includes: fabric suggestions; cutting dimensions; simple and precise instructions; our tips, guides and watchpoints.


Fabric:  these are  from the same fabric as the upholstered seats beneath, but that doesn’t have to be so – a plain white (boilable) linen or heavy cotton-even sheeting fabric can work equally well. Our stripes are a copy of an early French weave by Nicole Fabre; Ian Mankin has a good selection to buy on-line; we have tough cotton pinstripes and checks and hand dyed linens in our store.


Level: experienced amateur; professional

Some experience with making templates and dressmaking techniques will be helpful, however the instructions are clear and detailed enough for anyone who wants to make them.


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