Jasmine: Pleated Cushion



The pleated ‘frill’ makes this an elegant bedroom or drawing room cushion.

The stripes look good and are always stunning –  allover patterns  and plains work just as well.








Pleated ‘frill’ cushion

Holding the layers together can be a bit tricky in places, but we’ve made them ourselves, the instructions are simple and well illustrated and as long as you follow them with precision, you’ll have a great cushion – or two – at the end !


The pdf includes: fabric suggestions; cutting dimensions; simple and precise instructions; our tips, guides and watchpoints.


Fabric: any fine or light medium weight fabric but it looks especially good in silk- we used a striped taffeta, a softer silk dupion say, will produce a floppier frill which is also ok.


Level: experienced amateur; professional.


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