Marty: Slip-Over Lampshade



Slip – over  shades are simply made to cover bought card shades, old or new.  These two are made from sheeting linen with a fun zebra print trimming – other fabric and trimming options are virtually limitless. The method is straightforward and transferable to any size and shape of shade.

Pretty, dressing table shades might have lace trimmings on organdie or silks, perhaps with some hand embroidery, or floral prints. Trimmings in every colour and pattern are available today – from department stores, card and gift shops, antique stalls or holiday markets.





Slip – over shade covers

These are very simple to make and could be entirely hand sewn.  It always help to have made a few things beforehand, however, it’s small enough to make on the kitchen table, none of the processes is in itself complicated, the instructions are simple, and you can pick it up and put it down, take your time over it, to enjoy the process…..


The pdf includes: fabric suggestions;cutting dimensions; simple and precise instructions; our tips, guides and watchpoints.


Fabric: any fine, medium weight fabric that is soft enough to gather in at the top.


Level: Any.


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