Rolled Blind



Rolled blinds are the blinds of choice for a variety of situations. They are informal by nature and the  inherent simplicity allows them to fit into almost any environment – log cabin to castle

Here they were designed specifically to create an intimate space, to direct light into the lower part of the room, whilst allowing  some light to filter through.



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Rolled Blind

A Core Technique: which means it’s a workroom staple that can be infinitely adapted to any and every situation, fabric and window size. It is suitable for anyone requiring a professional level finish – a  beginner or an experienced maker. It’s a longer project which demands precision and attention – the very clear illustrated instructions  ensure that a confident beginner with a worktable or a professional maker can both follow to an excellent  result.


The pdf includes: fabric suggestions; cutting dimensions; simple and precise instructions; clear illustrations;  our tips, guides and watchpoints; location photography.


Fabric: we used linen sheeting for the face and back with silk ties; this project can be adapted to any fabric, from a fine sheer to a carpet.


Level:  professional finish which can be followed by anyone.




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