Soft Roman Blind



Soft Roman blinds are made in the same way as a formal blind, but without the rods that keep the folds rigid.

It’s a classic blind style and a core technique, which mean that it is also the template from which any other soft Roman blind design can be made. The fabric type and the fitting position can be adapted to any situation.

The window treatment  here was designed  to block all light, so as well thickly interlined curtains we used the same heavy fabric at the window – against the window – as a black out blind.



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Soft Roman Blind

A core technique, which means it’s a workroom technique that can be adapted to any window, side or material. The instructions are longer, clear and precise for a professional finish attainable by anyone from any starting point. It’s suitable for a beginner and for any maker who wants the precision of  top level work.

 Soft Roman blinds can be fitted inside or outside the window, made from the finest of sheers or, as photographed here, the thickest teddy bear velvet.

The pdf includes: fabric suggestions; cutting dimensions; simple and precise instructions; clear illustrations;  our tips, guides and watchpoints; location photography.


Fabric: any fabric for a sheer muslin to a carpet; a beginner would be advised to choose a medium weight close woven cotton or linen, something easy to finger fold; and without geometric pattern.


Level: confident beginner to professional

You’ll need to have made a thing or two before. The technique is straightforward but requires a commitment to careful measuring for the best result. It will help if you know how to sew, how to handle layers of materials and to stitch neatly.  Unless your blind is very small it will need enough space to lay it flat and to keep it there whilst you’re working. However, the processes are well explained and the instructions are made easy, so as long as you follow them with precision, a perfect blind will be your reward !


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