Quilted Cushion Front




Quilting and stitching a bought fabric makes it  unique and works equally well for specially chosen fabric as for offcuts and finds.

The original fabric used  here  is very beautiful in its own right – what we have done is to enhance the design, to make  it sculptural, adding depth, colour, nuance and texture by the padding and coloured threads. The stitching can be subtle, almost invisible or  used deliberately to deepen, lighten, highlight or contrast.






Hand Quilted Cushion

The quilting instructions are clear and precise enough for a first -timer. The stitching is by hand and we follow the design already on the main fabric; the padding adds texture and the mixed  threads add an extra dimensions to the given colours – they  deepen or lighten in turn.

This is an easy one for anyone who enjoys the rhythm of hand stitching and the challenge of making something unique. There’s nothing complicated about it, the instructions are simple and even the zipped closure can be avoided if you prefer.

A machine isn’t necessary to make this cushion, it’s quick and easy to do, and there’s no worry about the design of the quilting pattern – whether you’ve got the proportions right or not – the basics have been done for you!


The pdf includes: fabric suggestions; cutting dimensions; simple and precise instructions;  our tips, guides and watchpoints.


Fabric: any bought fabric with a simple design which can be highlighted, set into relief, made slightly sculptural. This technique also works with a  full – on pattern when coloured thread are used to  define particular images or grids. There are no rules.


Level: confident beginner plus





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