Flour Sack Pillows



Pillows from sacks. Flour sacks, grain sacks, coffee sacks, whatever sort of sack you can find or fancy – they  need virtually no work to make them into pillows for gardens, children’s dens, play areas, sheds, and nurseries – even sofa back cushions and actual bed pillows and bolsters.






Garden and den pillows from flour sacks

The easy to follow instructions for eyelets and ties make it a potential for a complete beginner. For these pillows any mistake or less-than-perfection really won’t matter and probably won’t show….


The pdf includes: fabric suggestions; simple and precise instructions; our tips, guides and watchpoints.


Fabric: any vintage linen, hemp or linen/ hemp sacks. Search out antiques fairs or specialist stockists and suppliers such as Parna and Jane Sacchi; check out our store for stock.


Level: Any.




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