Laced Cushion



An easy-to-make highly versatile cushion which can be made in any size and for any location. It needs no machine and no previous experience.

A non-fraying fabric such as wool flannel or melton is one of our favourite fabrics to use; another fabric could be frayed around the edges first.





Laced Cushion

This versatile cushion is a house favourite – it needs a non – fraying material such as wool flannel or horsehair, or leather. You can make it in an hour or so at  the kitchen table with a pair of scissors and a hole punch. That is all you  need – other than the fabric and the pad !


The pdf includes: fabric suggestions; cutting dimensions for the size shown and guidelines for other sizes ; simple and precise instructions; tips and watchpoints.


Fabric: Any. We’ve used a non-fraying wool melton which needs no attention –  if you want to use the same in this colour or another, see our store. Another fabric  may need to be pre-frayed or pre-hemmed. We used leather strips, but anything narrow and bendy – ribbons, shoe laces, strips of fabric can be used to hold the back and front together.


Level: Any




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