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Two  slip cover  lampshade in sheer linen with  frayed edges –  informal, fun shades, contemporary, both shabby and chic, equally at home in an industrial, agricultural smart or sophisticated environment.


Laima Kaugure weaves these beautiful linens from her workshops in Latvia. Her colours are clever and subtle, we use it for translucent curtains, blinds and special table linen – with scrunched silks and rough hemp. It’s always a joy to work with, and to look at. It has body and spring, that gives real character without changing the special malleable qualities of linen.





Two slip cover lampshades 

These shade covers can be completely hand made – fun to make, easy, the fabric does the work…


The pdf includes: fabric suggestions; cutting dimensions; simple and precise instructions; our tips, guides and watchpoints.


Fabric: sheer linen will hold it’s own and  the depth of fraying can be controlled; other fabrics can be used for the pattern with a different effect – cotton lawns, plain linens, silks. The one we used is a beautiful handwoven silk from Laima Kaugure, and which is available by the metre from our store.


Level: Any, even complete beginner !


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