Lampshade with Wool Threads



Inspired by a Chanel coat in cream wool with knotted threads.  This is just a bit of fun really, for using up odd lengths of wool – these are chocolate, coffee and cream on one side and the colours of seashore on the other. I quite like the change from side to side, but you can do anything with this idea.


There are no rules on colour, texture, amount, length or and when and where you’d do this really. Just whatever you feel like on the day…….



Lampshade slip cover

Anyone can make this – there’s nothing complicated about it, there are no rules and it doesn’t need to be precise. It’s small enough to make on the kitchen table, the instructions are simple – so you can pick it up and put it down, take your time over it, and enjoy the process…..


The pdf contains: fabric suggestions; cutting dimensions; simple instructions;  our tips, guides and watchpoints.


Fabric: we used a naturally produced and hand woven silk, but really any textile can be used for this idea, including patchworks or off-cuts. The only criteria is how much light it will let through and how much light you would like it to let through – dark coloured shades which send the light only upwards or downwards create a different drama at night-time. Thick fabrics will need some encouragement to gather in at the top; fine fabrics may respond better to embroidery thread than wool for the decoration.


Level: Any.





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