Silhouette Pillow Sham



Pillow shams are traditionally designed to make the bed more decorative  in the daytime, to be removed at night so that  the real pillow beneath can be used.  Here the silhouette delicate scroll pattern covers a ticking cover beneath  and the whole pillows are just taken off at night.


The pillow sham concept is one we’ve used many times and in every situation – childrens rooms, gardens, garden rooms and orangeries, playrooms, kitchens, drawing rooms and dens…





Pillow Sham

These removable covers are easier to make than their effect belies. They were traditionally designed to cover up the bed pillows, to make beds pretty in the daytime, taken off at night.  The principle is a good one for all manner of situations and adaptable to bedheads and sofa backs, anywhere the top covers need to be washed often or a valuable fabric needs to be protected;  it’s also a very useful technique for garden chair seats.


The pdf includes: fabric suggestions; cutting dimensions; simple and precise instructions; our tips, guides and watchpoints.


Fabric: any fabric which serves the purpose of decoration – just because, or easy laundering to save the fabric beneath.


Level: Any.

Easy if you’ve made a thing or two  before; there’s nothing complicated about it, but it will help if you know how to sew, how to handle layers of materials and to make stitch neatly. However, it’s small enough to make on the kitchen table, none of the processes is in itself complicated, the instructions are simple – so you can pick it up and put it down, take your time over it, and enjoy the process…..


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