Unbleached describes either fibre or textile in it’s natural colour, in raw state such as –unbleached silk, linen, hemp and cotton.

* Unbleached fibres are very attractive and pleasing in their own right; the natural tones and changes of tone, and the way light moves across the weave of fibres from vegetable or animal origin is far more subtle than anything that can be achieved from dyed fibres. Although vegetable dyes do pick up the nuances and changes inherent to natural fibres, chemical dyes don’t.

* Unbleached woven or knitted cloth from any natural fibre can be treated and finished just like any other fabric. For interlinings, the unbleached version is often more sympathetic to the curtain ground cloth, the colouring of the top fabric than any of  the white, bleached alternatives.

* Sometimes the term unbleached is used to mean loomstate. Loomstate is, as it says, the state in which a woven fabric comes off the loom, in any colour or weave, just as it is before it goes to the finishing workshop.

* An unbleached and loomstate fabrics has been woven from natural, unbleached fibres that is used straight off the loom i.e it has little or no washing or finishing.

* Loomstate, unbleached fabrics are inexpensive, rougher than they would be after the finishing process and will shrink considerably given the chance. However, they are inexpensive, useful as a design concept, and more usually as a base cloth or platform for upholstery.Perfect material also for dust sheets, and for basic, temporary curtains – you can of course wash it first yourself to reduce the shrinkage and soften the hand.

* Unbleached loomstate fabric can be manipulated and dyed to your own satisfaction at home, for that truly individual touch..

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