Or Alpine style: includes anything that looks good and is fit for purpose in the mountains, perhaps especially with wood panelling–reminiscent of the romantic notions of the Heidi house.

* Mountain homes are concerned with keeping the cold out and providing security and comfort, often alongside a contemporary living style with clean lines and chic furniture.

* Consider natural colours and materials: greys, slate, pine, skins, fur, wool, cashmere, soft textures and knitwear; patterns and prints that celebrate wildlife, traditional and contemporary mountain life.

* Hunting, mountain goats, transhumance, cows and cow bells, the edelweiss, snow and snowflakes, skiing, all are very much part of this style.

* Textiles designed with pattern taken from, or inspired by, the immediate environment – i.e. more of the same, do work surprisingly well in situ. In fact, the principles of repetition and mirroring not only work in their own right but contribute hugely to the sense of wholeness and harmony that interior decoration, design and furnishings seek to achieve.

* The colouring of mountain scapes as inspiration for textile or interior colour schemes.

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