Describes a style colloquially covering the expected way of building, decorating and furnishing a home in the Alps and by extension any mountain region–i.e. making use of local materials and respecting the indigenous and traditional ways, where craftsmanship was essential, there was no waste and everything was in its season.

* Pre-skiing alpine life was frugal and often poor, people lived with the natural resources available and around the cold climate. Nowadays it has become an ideal, everybody wants his or her Heidi house – and so long as there is sufficient heat and food it can be very cosy and comfortable indeed.

* Alpine constructions were typically designed around local wood, the planks kept in the shape of the tree and fitted together by dovetailing.

* Cows and goats being part of the associated way of life, their skins and fleeces would be used for floor rugs, upholstery and warmth; their wool for weaving and knitting blankets and cushions, chair covers and clothing, and the skins made into seat covers, floor rugs and bed covers.

* Alpine is also an adjective used to describe any printed or woven fabric with alpine-type motifs or prints–say skiers, or snowflakes, which look well in log cabins.

* Paper cuts and carvings that are part and parcel of alpine style and craftsmanship tell the story of the traditional way of life–the transhumance.


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