A motif of one or two letters, making a personal mark by means of embroidery, stamping, embossing or engraving.

* A monogram is typically a person’s initials, with the purpose to identify, or to make a personal statement.

* A stitched monogram might have a significant emblem, a favourite design or a pattern chosen from the embroiderers’ archives intertwined with the initials.

* Monograms can be very simple or intricately detailed, and are undoubtedly a sign of status as well as identity, as it’s an expensive process.

* Antique sheets almost always have identifying initials – if not full blown and decorative monogram, then the initials cross stitched into one corner.

* In the days when every bed had just one set of sheets, or at most two, having one’s initials prominently embroidered onto the bed linen was very sensible, and essential if they were sent to the laundry–in effect a form of domestic branding.

* Dust covers in stately homes often had a crest or initials stitched onto them.

* It’s interesting how such a simple , sculptural detail can lift an ordinary calico, so we often do the same for summer slip covers and door curtains, using initials, the house name or other simple motif.

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