A concept that embodies something uncomplicated, clear, classic, natural, plain, uncluttered, sincere, modest, unpretentious…and easy. Easy implies first level, basic, manageable–within your scope, which is all anyone can do. It doesn’t mean carelessness, ‘good enough’, bare, unfinished or empty. Doing something simple well is a sure way to success.

However, making a great home means dealing with complexity–most people say that creating a family home is the most complex thing they’ve ever done, and without much training it is a thought provoking, tiring and time consuming process–though it is also great fun and the most rewarding thing you’ll ever do. The secret is that it’s just a lot of simple things layered on top of one another. So, take one step at a time, to make each element and each stage simple, and therefore manageable.

When we talk about ‘simple’ furnishings- and we seem to quite a lot- we really mean two things….

Firstly,  that they are uncomplicated – that they are not difficult to do by those with little experience ( and with no experience if the steps are followed exactly.

Secondly, that the ideal of simplicity is inherent in both the idea and the execution. Simple furnishings are never  a substitute for  lesser quality. Our key mantra is quality –  of  craftsmanship and of materials. It’s better  do less well – with a good fabric than a lot with a poor one. To use great fabrics and colours – however these are found – and then to make something fit for purpose that allows the fabric to be itself.

Our flour sack cushions for example, are really simple – we just have to tie the tops up, but that’s only because someone else has first  woven the fabric and then stitch fit together for their own purpose.

We would call the rolled blind and the quilted border cushions  simple too – they are functional and practical items that can be used anywhere, but they are not easy – in the sense that they can be made in hour or two.  They are simple in that the techniques are not complicated – these can be made well  by following the steps systematically, given some time and space.



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