An open framework of diamonds or squares created with criss crossed strips of material, wood or metal for outdoor use, leather or fabric, or ribbons for soft furnishings. In the first instance lengths of material are set parallel and away from each other diamond to create the form. For diamond lattice the first strip is set at 45º. A second layer is is then either a) laid over or b) threaded through at right angles to the first.

In a) the strips need to be fixed together at the centre of the overlap; in b) the threading should create natural support.

The four outer edges of any latticework need to be contained to keep the structuresquare’ and rigid.

Lattice and trellis are synonymous, although trellis is a form of lattice.

* In furnishings, lattice work can be used to create the piece or to decorate it. When lattice strips are touching–i.e. instead of in an open lattice formation, the piece can be self supporting; however the natural softness of cloth usually requires an underlining for essential body and structure.

The mostly decorative ribbon lattice can be open worked or close worked or a mix of both, and is usually laid over an under cloth.

* In the garden, lattice fencing, and screens offer semi-opaque privacy and support for trailing plants.

* As disguise, substantial wooden lattice is a useful device fixed fixed to a problem wall as a) disquise a poor surface beneath – b) diminish the surface beneath – say fit a pink trellis to a red wall or a white trellisover a dull grey – or something similar, c) tohang things from and effectively spread the load- where the wall beneathcan support the trellis but not implements or multiple fittings,d) to make a service area more useful – by hanging or fitting trellis over or in front of metres or boilers in such a manner that it can be easily moved for occasional or annual maintenance, repairs etc. it can hold hooks for garden implements, outdoor coats etc…

* In architecture lattice screens are devices  of  subterfuge :  they allow the light to enter whilst adding protection from harsh sunlight and, depending on position and scale,  partially  or fully disguising the happenings on the other side. Lattice work in jail screens, mashrabiya, baramdah, brise soleil , and any pierce screens can be extremely simple and with it’s own beauty of form, or decorated, worked, manipulated to stunningly attractive effect.


*The way light is received through whatever type of well considered lattice work is uplifting, ethereal, delightful.

All forms of mesh and net are types of lattice or trellis.

Islamic architecture plays on the idea of lattice to the nth degree in it’s fully pierced or partially carved stonework.

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