Interior and exterior walls are the fundamental boundaries that determine the potential and constraints of any given space .

The height, thickness, make up, finish and the solidity of a series of walls has a profound effect on the place within.

* The depth of walls affects our perception of the solidity, the protection goffered by the space

* The pierced openings – windows and doors, also affect the solidity, but also the possibilities of openness

* Wall height can be elevating or restricting

* Sound can be held, absorbed, or ricochetedby the build and finish of walls

* The colours, materials and decorative finishes affect the level of formality, atmosphere and tenor of a room

* Wall colour is our first perception and becomes our memory – how it feels- warm cold, pink or grey. Rooms are often known as ‘the blue room’, ‘the yellow room’, etc.,by the wall colour, sometimes long after the initial colours have gone.

* Whether painted, papered, fabric covered or partly or fully wood panelled, our walls set the stage for the room; the decorative style of furnishings within, the potential function and level of comfort.


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