In textile terms, it describes a fabric with an open structure achieved by planning the weave with gaps between warp and weft threads. The subsequent sheer/semi-sheer fabric filters light and views, thereby offering privacy, making it a practical solution for blinds, under curtains and at high windows, effective almost anywhere.

Mesh is also created by knotting- manipulating the yarn to create knots, especially in lace making, where he ground, the mesh or resseau, is an integral part of the work.

Netting and Fishing nets are classic knotted mesh structures.

Mesh structured cloths have an architectural quality when they are stretched out flat, or a feminine feel when used en masse.

However, very open weaves – such as scrim, can be impracticable where there are handles, cats, children and toys that might catch and get caught up in them–a useful fact to keep in mind, both for their and the fabric’s sake!

As a structural type, chain mail, bottle tops, open knitting fit into the  overall category of mesh.

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