A gauze of varying densities made from cotton, flax, or jute, which is used in the building trade, in bookbinding, in curtain making and upholstery. In bookbinding, scrim is glued to the spine to reinforce it; in construction scrim strips are used to cover the cracks and gaps around plaster board panels before plastering – now often replaced by synthetic alternatives.

In restoration projects, ‘scrim and sarking’ refers to the application of fine scrim that is stretched over boards to provide the support for traditional handmade wallpaper. And also when scrim is stretched over battens to provide an even surface for fabric walling.

As a furnishing textile, its lightweight, translucent quality makes lovely under-curtains and sheer blinds, and in upholstery to hold the horsehair pad in place and to cover the underside of the frame.



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