Filigree work is essentially pattern made with the deliberate intention to create open spaces – these ‘ negative‘ spaces are as well considered and as essential to the design as the ‘positive’ spaces.

* All filigree work is light and airy, simply because you can still see through even the most intricate and fully designed works. For me the best are those that are not over-crowded – simple scroll works or lattice.

* Lace making is essentially filigree work; as trimming, ornament or edging it is light and airy, laid or stitched over a contrasting colour the spaces become almost more important than the intricate work.

* In fine metalwork filigree can be  delicately executed with metals such as silver, gold, or copper –often in scrolls and curlicues, florals and swags.

* Wrought iron metal work can be very attractive and ‘light’, especially when painted in white or off white, or gilded.

* Candidates for filigree work are: garden furniture, metal bed ends, day bed ends, garden gates, silver ware, pierced screens, door screens, semi sheer curtains and blinds,

* When a solid is opened, pierced, knocked back, lightened, space is made that allows other layers, dimensions, and vistas.

* Knot gardens and filigree style boxed hedging take their inspiration from lace and embroidery design.


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