Edgings are there to trim to neaten and also to decorate–edgings can be patterned, plain, striking or practically invisible and made with fabric – a border, binding or frill; passementerie – such as fringing or flat braid, lace, leather or linen trim; or created – by embroidery, piercing or pinking for example.

We expect  all four side sides of a sheet to be edged in some manner even if two are the selvedges but a decorative and well finished edging at the top of a sheet only; and for the pillow, one side may be more decorative than the others, but all are edged in some way.

Curtains, bedcovers, cushions, lampshades loose covers, pelmets and bed valances all require some sort of edge treatment; once the raw edges have been dealt with, neaten, there are many, and  options for decorative edgings, limited only by imagination and time.

Ribbons, braids, fringes, appliqué, bindings, borders, fan edgings…




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