A hanging ceiling light fitting holding candles or electric candle style bulbs–at least three, that can be as big and elaborate as maney can buy. In normal circumstances however, numbers are limited by size and space so something between 6 and 12 fittings is the most usual. Some are designed with alternating candle and electrical fittings, so that candle light remains an attractive option .

The best candle bulbs to use closely resemble tall candle tapers and are made with hand blown glass.

There are many chandelier styles and designs and pretty much any material of substance can be used for the structure – from aluminium, to steel, to perspex, to wood, to glass. Among the best known glass chandeliers are those from Murano, from Waterford in Ireland, Czechoslovakia, and Russia, all different and in their own rights extremely beautiful. Some of the most elaborately detailed crystal glass with silver or gold holders have been made for the greatest palaces and homes in the world.

For a cottage or a castle simple wrought iron fittings are appropriate. For most domestic rooms the design of the fitting should be less important than the light, other than stairwells and high ceilinged rooms that can be indulged. Remember too that light fittings is a stair well often need to look good from every angle.




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