The yachting world has provided us with considerable inspiration over the years–from classical and universal red and white, blue and white stripes, to the Guernsey sweater, to the concept and idea of sails and to really clever fittings:

* Yachting catches and handles designed to manage small, well organised, contained spaces can be extremely useful for solving interior conundrums.

* Turn buttons are a useful mechanism for holding fabric to wood in tented ceilings, wall tenting, settle cushion backs, outdoor canopies and deck chair cover replacements…

* The classic and timeless blue and white combination is always good to work with.

* Well designed and printed yachting fabrics are especially fun to use in studies, dens and children’s rooms.

* The energy and the metaphor of yachting is a good one to borrow and to hold on to in running a big refurbishment project–the combination of skill, uncertainty and possibility, of charting one’s course through open seas in unpredictable weather is what it’s all about….

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