Buttons are fitted through eyelets, buttonholes, loops, cords and rouleaux, for closure and for decoration and come in all shapes and sizes. The range of designs and colours offer really fun options and broad design scope. Buttons can also be purely decorative, beneath the pleats or goblets of curtain headings, pulling in the centre of a cushion, in a row decorating a border, even en masse to cover a chair back or a cushion front.

There are such beautiful new and antique buttons to source, why wouldn’t you want to play with them? In our limited button box we have buttons made of: steel, brass, copper, hand painted, silver, gold, porcelain, slate, bone, horn, stone, plastic, perspex, fabric, wood, twigs, glass, pebbles, resin and Murano glass cut or moulded and painted in shapes of elephants and quails, huts and pots, giraffe and cow parsley. Round, ovoid, square, triangular, domed, flat, with two, three and four thread holes…

And that’s just proper buttons! You can also use artificial flowers, beads, thread, cord, broaches, cufflinks, earrings and necklaces, bits of belts and dried flowers, bits of stone, recycled glass and pottery shards as long as there is a hole, or the possibility to pierce or wind thread around. There are just so many potential ‘buttons’.




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