A slender filament of metal or plastic. Wire is flexible and can be woven and knitted, or even embroidered if it’s very fine.

* Metallic threads used as warp or weft yarns add sparkle and light to the woven cloth, whether it’s a fine linen or a heavy woollen tweed.

* Lamé is made using metallic thread over a knitted or woven base.

* Sheer linens with fine metallic threads woven through can be scrunched into random shapes.

* Fine wire woven into the edges of ribbon, especially gauze-like organza allows for bows that hold their shape, and for making interesting new ones.

* For a creative hem line, fine wire can be stitched into the fold or onto the hem of a light weight fabric.

* Wire threads can be used for hand embroidery and with beading.

* Copper, steel and Aluminium wire can be knitted.

* Silver and gold are important to many traditional embroideries, and often used as flat ribbons; to make silver or gold ‘wire’, slivers are wound tightly around a cotton core–it is technically thread but often called wire.

* Nylon wire is transparent and very strong, fishing wire made for holding weight and taking strain can be very useful due to itstransparency–the finest nylon wire is good for bead work as a strong‘invisible’ thread.

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