‘Points of light’ created by reflection or specific means bring life and joy into any and every environment.

Sparkle is life enhancing. It’s not for nothing that Champagne, full of sparkle and bubbles, is the ultimate ‘pick me up’ for a dull day, a dull moment or can re-set a difficult session.

A room without sparkle feels dull–you might not necessarily know why, but it just does. If you’re not a sparkle person, just bite the bullet and give it a try, leave a ring or a small piece of silver on a side table for a bit, see if this subtle change isn’t an exciting and pleasing addition to the space.

Of course sparkle is entirely dependent on light, so the positioning and placement of articles that sparkle must be deliberate and planned. Single items of sparkle can be used to catch the eye, to draw attention to an area or to brighten up a dark corner.

Massed sparkle, such as that from a side display of glass and silver, or the dining table fully dressed with cut glass, silver and flickering candlelight creates a party atmosphere, the more the merrier..

For subtle sparkle keep it to naturally reflective points, allow the daylight to catch just the edge of a gilt mirror frame, a silver photo frame, a chrome tap; candlelight to dance on crystal glass; electric light to sparkle in a chandelier and reflect silver and gold. Or just a single candle, which flickering light creates its own sparkle.

Lovely, temporary sparkles can be achieved with pierced screens (see JALI) as sunlight forces its way through in daytime, and pierced metal lamps with electric light bulbs.

Mirror can be a highly effective tool to create more sparkle, by repetition. Try one at the end of a long table, above a console or fireplace, even just a slip as a picture frame.

In textiles sparkle may be created by metallic threads – silver and gold, also steel, aluminiums and copper – or by printing or stencilling with metallic paints and pigments.

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