1. The glass section elements that constitute a window.

2. A weave with warps and wefts that intersect to form square or rectangular holes, or mesh or boxes evocative of a windowpane.

3. An open weave for light sheer and semi-sheer fabrics that is perfect for under curtains, summer curtains and soft blinds, where their primary function is to filter the light and provide a degree of privacy.

4. A fabric that has been pierced after weaving to create open squares or rectangles–usually wool felt or leather, e. materials that won’t fray. Good for window blinds and curtains with well glazed windows, and anywhere where blocking cold and draught is not a primary function.

5. A window pane check describes any of the open-line checks, or sets of parallel lines that cross to create squares, in a colour that contrasts with the plain ground to create an effect reminiscent of window panes. The design may be bold and dominant or subtle, in single or mixed colours, in any materials, woven or printed and can be used in multiple ways.

Some typical window pane checked fabrics include: weaves with an over check in a contrasting colour to the ground, whether the ground is plain or has a smaller underlying pattern–this might be white on a predominantly navy blue or black ground, or bright yellow or red over a more sombre ground, or printed bold line checks in formal or informal lines printed onto white cotton or linen.

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