A framework of interwoven twigs or laths, rush, cane or willow, creating a flat surface, something like a loose basket weave, which is made sturdy enough to act as a wind or light filtering barrier or backdrop.

In wattle and daub, the wattle part is the framework that provides the key to lime plaster or mud wall finishes. Horizontal strips of twigs, rush, cane, willow, hewn or sawn laths, are fixed to the vertical uprights that constitute a framed wall; when the ‘daub’, the plaster or mud mix is applied it automatically fills and seeps behind the small and uneven gaps between the timbers; as the daub dries it binds the structure together creating a very strong and sound proof framework. More layers of ‘daub’ are added until the wall is as deep as is necessary for the particular project to be self-supporting.

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