A marsh and wetland grass-like flowering plant, which many varieties and types have been harvested, dried and woven by civilisations throughout the ages on home looms, at kitchen tables or on the ground to make floor mats, bedding mats and shelters.

* Rush material is simple and basic with colourings that reflect the natural environment.

* Rush floor matting is made with plaited fibres that are flattened, then stood on their sides to be hand-stitched together through the centres of the plaits. Such floor mats are very durable, though do break up if they’re not kept slightly moist; they have now mostly been supersede in the west by coir, sisal, seagrass, jute, etc…

* Finer and more sophisticated rush products for works of art and for hut, tent and wall hangings are woven into hemp or jute warps.


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