Also sundown, describes the spectacle of colour and pattern as the sun disappears over the horizon at the end of every day, ushering in twilight and dusk–full of the colours of the sun and the sky, casting a very special softening mauve-lilac over the landscape until the intensity increases to deep reds and oranges. The colours of twilight, sunset and dawn are great inspiration for rooms for art, paints, textures and textiles.


From Kilve beach looking across the Bristol channel in South West England showing just  how important it is to include a splash of colour in the design scheme of grey and deep toned rooms by rug, cushion or painting – for when the sun goes down. Or even better  the ember of  real fire

The image below was taken on the North coast of Devon, England.; it was an image like this that inspired Neil Bottle’s silk painted wall hangings such as the one on study door to the back garden.


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