A room or space made comfortable with books and used for quiet work, reading and writing.

As a room, a study often becomes a cosy small sitting space for winter evenings, and alongside the pre-requisite books and writing desk, very comfortable sofas and chairs, and if possible a good open fire.

As more of us increasingly study and work at home, the requirement for personal space is rising higher up the priority ladder. To accommodate such spaces in the home, we try to make a large, central space, such as a sitting hall or first floor landing to hold the books, with media equipment and comfortable sofas, in order to free up smaller rooms for individual study spaces.

A study is the ideal personal space, which in existing buildings can be creatively gained by re-thinking the living space, the end of a corridor, under stairs or a redundant box room.

In a new build even small study spaces can be worked into a floor plan; creating a study each is ideal, especially where there is already a library or book room, for family use.

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