A roll of parchment or writing paper; also a historic motif inspired by the profile shape of unfurled parchments.

1. Being a precious material, parchment was stored rolled up and gradually unfurled in the process of reading, leaving the top and the bottom curling in opposite directions. It is an ancient symbol of learning and literacy, which profile appears and re-appears in contemporary and classical works–found on capitals and pediments, cartouche and carvings, in rococo and Gustavian furniture, interwoven with floral, human, animal and geometric forms, in architecture, carvings and textile prints across the world.

In the Japanese tea house, a scroll (kakemono), a piece of calligraphy or a simple painting combined with a single flower arrangement (ikebana) is the single wall decoration, and sets the spiritual tone for the tea ceremony.

In Moorish architecture and design, the scroll features interlaced with leaves, flowers and branches and is an important element in the arabesque.


2. In European design, scrolls are sometimes used to link and underwrite other forms and motifs.




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