Outside our studio window …..

Everybody loves roses, their form, colour, perfume, the associations, the sheer intensity and variety, and roses age well. The dying muted colours of rose petals are every bit as beautiful as the fresh new buds and young flowers.

The colours of roses provide endless inspiration for wall colours, paint matching and in design and printing both form and colour are endlessly drawn and re-drawn; full blown flower heads, buds, rambling, all-over, in rows, in baskets or hanging garlands, single or multi coloured–if you can think of it, you’ll be able to find it…

Making silk, ribbon or paper roses for decoration is fun and easy. Formal or informal in design and execution, they can be used as star pieces, amid other decoration, or to cover damage when reviving a tired item.

Roses and rose designs can be used to soften a hard or overly formal design; they add a touch of romanticism and femininity, without being girlie.


And inside… 

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