A numerical comparison between the size of two things. In textiles, ratio refers to:  the overall dimension, the width go height of a motif whether woven or printed, and the way it is repeated in proportion to the finished length, or room.

* The ratio between motif and space can be endlessly played with, but it must always be balanced for the finished result to be harmonious. This can be achieved through an underlying grid that is related to the room, or a proven geometry such as the golden rule, or the simple 2/3 rule.

* Whether very small or very large, the balance always affects the visual impact of the piece or the place. For example, in upholstery, a large motif that more than fills the back of a chair to overflow the boundaries  will make a very different chair than one covered in a tiny geometric motif that shows many repeats within the same space.

* For wall hangings, in which the design constitutes a complete picture, the ceilings must be high enough to balance the full design to keep it in proportion.

* Large scale florals in combination with small scale checks or geometric prints set up a change of scale, of ratio that is pleasing and balanced.

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