Picot edgings consist of any pattern of small loops, or small triangles – these can be sharper or softer depending on the thread and design. Used extensively in woven passementerie, lace or broderie anglais, and most of us, ladies at least, will have picot edgings on decorative undergarments .

The picot edging itself may be as old as the hills but we know it   from 19C lace making as a simple made edging that didn’t matter too much if it wasn’t exactly and beautifully executed, but it can just as  easily be knitted or crocheted as woven. As with all handwork, the best quality would be the most saleable and sought after for luxury use and the least quality kept for home use.

Picot style edgings can be cut into any stable, non – fraying fabric such as wool Melton,  perhaps further decorated with tiny                     punched holes to more  closely resemble the woven item.

For other fabrics, any cut picot type of edging will need to be hand stitched around or faced.

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