1. The textile

A heavy fabric with horizontal ribs in silk, cotton or mixed fibres, similar to repp. It has the appearance of a fine corduroy, though the ribs run across the width instead of along the length; extra wefts are cords are covered by the WARP yarns. It is a stiff and hardwearing fabric, perfect for UPHOLSTERY. It is also suitable for fabric walling, for picture windows and for piping as it is now often woven on wide looms (2.80 m/9ft).

2. The furniture

An upholstered bedroom chest, used primarily for storing blankets over the summer and residing at the end of a bed to hold any superfluous bedding that might be thrown over it. The top is usually well padded, so it is comfortable to sit on, and the lid is hinged to lift up from one side. The insides were traditionally lined with a pretty or striped fabric or paper.

Chaise ottomans have a curved upholstered back at one end, so the ottoman can be used as a day bed–a kind of poor man’s, more practical chaise longue.

3. The style

At its zenith, the Ottoman empire was far reaching and rich in culture and the arts, and an interest in making comfortable homes…including textiles.


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