A watermark finish for woven fabrics, achieved through the calendaring process, whereby fabric–generally silk or an acetate–gains a shimmering quality. A lightly ribbed single-coloured or tonally striped fabric is taken through very hot, engraved rollers, where the combined forces of pressure and steam crush the RIBS and fibres and imprint a shiny design of waves or watermarks; the resulting flattened areas reflect light differently, producing a textile with an overall fluid look. This finish is unsustainable and will disappear with the first wash or steam pressing.

A moiré pattern can equally be woven into any fabric with a Jacquard loom; these waves and watermarks are set for life, and therefore tend to be the moiré fabric of choice for upholstery.

Moiré looks very effective in formal window treatments, as loose covers and are elegant fabric wall treatments.

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