The most common window style by far: windows open inwards or outwards from hinges set into either both or only one side of the frame.

Casement windows are extremely versatile and practical–they may be set close to the outer edge or right into the inner edge of the wall, into deep thick walls, log cabins or lightweight single skin timber constructions. Full-length opening casements are often called French windows or French doors. In multiples they can be used to light bay window areas and to cover the full length of a conservatory wall; any size and shape, made from soft or hard woods, aluminium, steel or plastics. They can be set into surrounds of hard or soft wood, metal, brick or stone.

‘Throwing open the windows’ carries a real sense of freedom, and in fact when opening casements there is a real sense of opening the house up to the world, of inviting the weather in and joining in with it.

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