The first hanging light fitting, holding candles in a decorative framework, the pre-runner to the chandelier. All early antique chandeliers and most of those made before the early – mid 20C were originally made for candle light and have been adapted for electric light .

Candelier light is very special – it’s alive, the movement of flickering light and it’s effect on the room, the space, the ceiling height, the wall colours and the materials is very different to electric lighting as colours that appear harsh with electric light just glow in candle light.

It’s always worth considering how the lighting would have been when you’re choosing from an historic paint chart.

The shape and design of the chandelier fitting affect the way the light moves, and any shadow falling on ceiling and walls creates it’s own constantly moving show.

From a simple metal circle the candle light is unaffected by any other material factors. When light hits part of a metal frame, or glass drops, or silver, or gold, the light not only changes direction but colopur also, especially when the fitting is made with coloured glass.

Fittings that accept both candle and electric light fittings aren’t easy to find, but it’s always possible to commission a simple design from a local ironmonger if you like the idea of candlier for occasion.

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