Half of the fun is in the making: relax and enjoy the Moss Cushion.. a great start for beginner knitters.

Knitted homeware has definitely come back into fashion in recent years, and although there is probably a pattern out there to make just about anything – it may seem a little daunting and as if you need all the patience, skills and time in the world to do so. For many people, knitting starts as a hobby – a way to relax and unwind of an evening. With the moss cushion, the pattern is simple, so you really can enjoy making it without getting bogged down with fancy, overcomplicated instructions. It’s perfect for beginner knitters, mainly because the nature of the wool means that’s it’s difficult to spot mistakes, if you do so make one. But I am sure you won’t – it really is straightforward. Practice makes perfect, and this project is definitely a good place to start if you don’t have heaps of experience.

The wool that I have used here is ideal for the effect that I wanted – it’s thick, extremely soft, and the colours are beautiful. It spends most of it’s time indoors, bringing with it the horticultural ambience that I wanted. Equally though, they look great out in the garden, cushioning benches in the summertime. The frayed material means that they aren’t too precious, so there is no need to worry about them having a little rough and tumble…

If you fancy making your own moss cushion, subscribe to the website and download the project for an autumn evening !

To get the instructions for this project from our store, click here.https://designandmake.net/product/moss-cushion-2/

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