A fabric with a plain or twill woven two-coloured check called Vichy in France, but that we also know as gingham. Originally made of linen or hemp, now also in cotton, and mixed fibres.

So-named after the French town of Vichy, that became well known for these basic two toned checks.

The check is in small to mid sized squares 8- 40 mm, traditionally in a combination of white with either red, blue, black or brown. When these two colours cross over they create a third ‘colour’, actually a half tone, bringing a softness to the overall pattern that might explain its long standing popularity.

Vichy check easily fits in with almost all other patterns and shapes, and is classic enough to be as suitable for modern houses as for restoration projects–perhaps especially for Gustavian, French and Early American historic schemes. Although typically associated with café curtains and tablecloths, napkins aprons and shirts (and Brigitte Bardot!), every type of furnishing can benefit from this check: curtains, tablecloths, cushions, bedcovers, bed valances, bed heads…it was also often used for upholstered chair backs, especially show wood framed fauteuils, being much less costly than any fabric chosen for the fronts and seats.

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