Textiles and rugs from the  Mongoloid peoples of Uzbekistan …..Uzbek textiles include flat weave and knotted floor rugs, felting and embroidered textiles. The motifs show influences from further afield, along the trading routes to India, China, Euroasia  and Iran, to include rams horns and scorpions tails, arrow heads, stars, rhombuses, cockscombs and combs that are repeated and varied over different media and techniques. Some of  textiles include strips of embroidery stitched together with strips of warp patterned weavings.

The embroideries are some of the most iconic of Central Asia, the works are mostly domestic – wall hangings and bedcovers considered perhaps more important than clothing. The colours and motifs are vibrant and bold, energetic and inspirational.

The known centres of embroidery with their own distinctive styles are Bukhara ( Bukhoro), Samarkand ( Samarqand), Tashkent ( Toshkent), and Fergana ( Farghona).

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