Ceilings that are covered or made with fabric, recalling tents. Any shape of room can be tented, for reasons of decoration, softness and sound deadening, and it’s a great way of covering up a poor ceiling, or even temporary building works. Fabric is fitted around the top of the walls and to the ceiling–either at the centre,  along the length of the room, somewhere meaningful but off-centre or perhaps surrounding a pillar.

* The tent effect can be tight, tailored to fit in panels or falling softly in gathers or pleats.

* Tented ceilings are usually fixed, but can be roughly fitted to temporary battens when the use or need is short term .

* Ropes, wooden filets, coronas and centrepieces are used to cover the raw edges.

1. The tailored version requires a shaped framework to be fitted in place first,  the fabric sections are then joined then each section upholstered to the frame, the joins covered with some sort of suitable filet or gilt.

2. For the softer version the fabric may be very full or barely full, it’s gathered and fitted at the centre, fanned out to the walls and upholstered to battens that run along the tops of the walls.



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