Soy protein fibre (SPF) is the only protein fibre, a natural fibre with the physical properties of synthetic fibres. Extracted from the soybean cake (the residue of which is used as stock feed), it s a soft, smooth and lightweight fibre with a lustre similar to silk, and an excellent drape. It takes dye easily and has the same moisture absorption as cotton but with better moisture transmission. SPF has a higher breaking strength than wool, cotton, and silk, though less than polyester fibre. It won’t shrink when washed in boiling water, is anti-crease, easy wash and fast drying. Its natural antibacterial properties resist colibacillus, staphylococcus aureus and candica albicans. As it is naturally hypoallergenic, SPF fabrics are ideal for clothing worn close to the skin, for bed sheets, towels and blankets.

As a mixer, SPF blends well with other fibres extending their inherent properties.

1. With cashmere it provides a smooth quality and increases the easy care properties.

2. With wool it reduces shrinkage and increases easy care properties.

3. With silk it improves the laundering and prevents the fabric from sticking to the skin when wet.

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