Any cushion that is supplementary, chosen for both comfort and decorative impact. Stylistically a scatter cushion can be anything – large, small, square, round, and made of absolutely any fabric. It is perhaps partly this diversity and scope that makes scatter cushions so appealing.

As the ultimate accessory, being both useful and good to look at, cushions can be considered in the same way as the ties, belts, scarves in the wardrobe. They are the least expensive items that can be frequently updated or refreshed.

Cushions are manageable to make yourself, to carry home from a shopping trip, they don’t break the bank, and are small enough that an expensive fabric can be justified. And you can make your own, without needing much space or material – perhaps in needlepoint, tapestry, quilting, whitework or knitting.

A single cushion can add touch of drama or a new colour;  extra large cushions on a bed make a handy nest against the headboard and a mix of eclectic cushions is the easiest way to take down a formal room, bring informality and comfort to any environment especially when old and new textiles, mixed designs and scales, patterns and plains jostle  together.

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